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sugarcane straws

Hello Green Lover!

Here at Green Collective Brand (GCB) Australia, we are committed to help businesses and individuals go plastic free with our biodegradable sugarcane straws.

Why waste when you can create (or recycle too!). Our sugarcane straws transition from used sugarcane fibers to the product you’re sipping on.

It’s an all-natural journey from end to end. Unlike plastic these straws are compostable and biodegradable.

sugarcane straws

"Guilt free single use"

sugarcane straws

Stop sucking on plastic!

Our biodegradable sugarcane straws: Made from recycled sugarcane pulp.
100% natural plant-based product from a renewable source.

Guilt Free

No plastic, petroleum, dyes, coating, heavy metals and BPA. No bad stuff.

Reduce Waste

Sugarcane straw: 100% biodegradable and compostable.
No plastic waste!

One Straw ‘SIPS’ All

Sip on an icy cold or a steamy hot beverage. This straw can take it all.
Cold & heat resistant: from -20℃ up to 50℃

How to make sugarcane straws

sugarcane straws
sugarcane regular straw
Regular straws
sugarcane smoothie straw
Smoothie straws​
sugarcane cocktail straw
Cocktail straws​
sugarcane bubble tea straw
Bubble tea straws​



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